The Magic Wand Remote Control – The Gadget That Will Revolutionize Universal Remote Controls Forever

The kymera magic wand remote control is set to revolutionize the universal remote control. The device, which was famously featured on Dragon’s Den in the UK, has become an absolute must for all gadget enthusiasts. It has received constant rave reviews and has also been featured on other UK television shows such as This Morning, GMTV and Something for the weekend.

Alakazam!!! Imperio!!!

You can now control your TV like a real wizard. It’s not just gadget fans that will go crazy for this. Millions and millions of Harry Potter fans will feel exactly like their hero with this amazing piece of technology.

It is like no other universal TV remote. It is buttonless and communicates to it’s user what it’s doing through pulses and vibrations. It automatically starts in practise mode. The user then teaches it how to control the devices in your home with the help of the spellbook style instruction leaflet. You’ll soon go from Ron Weasley to Hermoine Granger in absolutely no time whatsoever.

Some of the commands include rotating it clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the volume. You can also flick it up or down to change channel. To skip tracks on your iPod simply flick it left or right. In total there are 13 different commands you can perform for the wand to perform different tasks. It can learn the functions of most standard remote controls easily.

Imagine the fun you can have the next time someone you hate appears on TV and you can make it disappear as if by magic.